Beyond PET bottles and plastic bags
In a new study launching in November, CAPRI looks at what is wrong with Jamaica’s environmental governance framework, and how the country can better take care of is natural environment.
Out of your pocket or out of your pay?
From income to property to GCT, the question of how Jamaica should collect its revenue is always on the table. CAPRI provides a definitive, evidence-based answer this November. Check our events page for information on the launch.
How impactful is CAPRI?
Policy impact is key to CAPRI. To be able to track and publicize our impact, we are developing a policy tracker, which will be available on our website soon.

What is CaPRI

The Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CaPRI) is an economics focused think tank, which is a first for the Caribbean region. The reports produced by CaPRI have included studies on: Corruption in Jamaica, Jamaica's Foreign Policy, the Impact of Hurricane Dean, and Informal Investment Schemes in Jamaica and Educational Reform in Jamaica.

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May, 2014

A second forum to discuss strategies in support of Government and private sector initiatives to eradicate the lottery scam and address its impact on security, trade and foreign relations is scheduled for Wednesday, November 7 at the Terra Nova All Suite Hotel in Kingston.

Jamaica Seeks Economic Advice
March, 2014

Finance officials from two of fast developing countries are to advise senior representatives of the private and public sector about how Jamaica’s economy can be improved.

Scrap metal trade to soon resume
March, 2014

The resumption of scrap metal export is basically a Cabinet decision away, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Reginald Budhan, indicated last night.

How to move from austerity to prosperity
July, 2012

ON Tuesday evening, the Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CaPRI), in conjunction with the World Bank, hosted a dinner for Minister of Finance, Trade and Investment for the Seychelles, Pierre F Laporte, and Financial Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development for Mauritius, Ali Mansoor.

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