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Christina Ivey

Team Member Post (Occupation): 
Chief People Officer

Christina Ivey is CAPRI’s Chief People Officer. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She first joined CAPRI as an intern in summer 2019, before signing on to her current full-time role in November 2020. Previously she worked as a Research Assistant at the LSE United States Centre.

At CAPRI, Christina coordinates work on a range of issues: corporate sponsorship, event production, and team building activities. She has also assisted research for reports on financial inclusion, the impact of the pandemic on education, and challenges to measuring social programmes for at-risk youth.

In addition to working at CAPRI, she serves on the editorial board of It’s Freezing in LA!, a London-based independent magazine about climate change. She also writes articles on a  freelance basis, appearing in international outlets like The Independent and the New Internationalist.