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A Landscape Assessment of Political Corruption in Jamaica

Date Published: 
June, 2007
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Corruption inhibits investment and growth, creating societal costs which are normally shouldered by those who can least afford to bear the burden. While there has been extensive research into various aspects of corruption in Jamaica few studies have addressed these issues empirically. This study attempts to fill this gap. Analysis of interviewee responses showed most persons: (1) defined corruption as the misuse of public office for private gain; (2) believed that corruption was prevalent in all government institutions but moreso in the Customs Department, Police Force and the Parish Council Offices; (3) were of the opinion that corruption is a serious problem in the country and negatively impacts development; (4) were of the opinion that personal greed was the primary cause of corruption in Jamaica; and (5) strongly believed that the anti-corruption rules are adequate, but Government agencies are too weak to enforce them.