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What is the cost of unequal access to safe abortion in Jamaica

The familial and individual costs are disproportionately borne by poor, vulnerable women and their dependents. Women who seek medical services to safely terminate a pregnancy, and medical practitioners who provide those services, risk arrest and prosecution. Access to safe abortion services has also been shown to be associated with positive economic outcomes, and a positive correlation has been ascertained between access to safe abortion and  decreased crime rates. CAPRI is engaged in research examining the negative societal and individual outcomes correlated with lack of access to safe abortion, and the economic costs associated with those outcomes. We aim to answer questions such as what is the economic cost of complications from unsafe abortions? What kind of consequences does the unwanted pregnancy carried to term has on the women’s educational attainment, labour market participation, and for the socioeconomic outcomes for the children? What is the economic impact of these consequences? How could the access to safe abortion affect Jamaica’s astronomically high crime rate? What kind of economic consequences the possible reduction in crime could have? CAPRI invites your input.