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CAPRI Explores a National Identification System for Jamaica

From the 1970s, discussions surrounding the implementation of a National Identification System (NIDS) begun. Since then, there have been numerous efforts to pass legislation and curate the required technical assistance needed to build a strong national ID system. In April 2019, the Supreme Court struck down the National Identification and Registration Act, upon being challenged by the People’s National Party. Following this decision, the need to better communicate and explain to the general public the purpose and benefits of a National Identification System (NIDS) has become self-evident. In its ruling, the Supreme Court outlined the need to articulate more precisely the benefits of the NIDS, and what public policy challenges, specifically, it will help tackle. Particularly important in the ruling is the need to quantify these benefits.

CAPRI in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), with Ms. Monique Graham as the Lead Researcher, is undertaking a study that will address the benefits of a NIDS and make recommendations on how the Government of Jamaica can successfully implement a biometric-based national identification system.