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CAPRI Attends International Budget Partnership Dissemination Workshop in Nairobi

The Internation Budget Partnership (IBP) hosted a dissemination workshop, in Nairobi Kenya, in February 2020, to help member states draft a dissemination plan for the 2019 open budget survey (OBS). The OBS measures the government's effectiveness in three main areas: transparency, public participation and budget oversight. Based on these areas, an assessment is done and the appropriate recommendations made. Using these recommendations, IBP representatives guided the researchers in selecting Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based (SMART) priority and secondary goals. After identifying the goals, the respective target audience(s) (the executive, legislature or supreme audit institution) is selected, effective mediums to communicate with the target(s) chosen and how to measure the effectiveness of the mediums. Also, to help researchers appropriately phrase messages for each target group, communication seminars, that capitalized on group discussions and one on one sessions, were held. In the end, each researcher prepared a detailed dissemination plan that outlined goals, target groups, strategies and timelines surrounding the OBS 2019.