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CAPRI Assesses Intervention Programmes Targeting Unattached Youth

CAPRI’s in depth research on crime and security, has reinforced the conclusion that diverting  young  unattached  males  from  crime  and  violence  is  the  most  important goal  for  any  intervention  strategy. The  perpetrators  of  the  vast  majority  of  violent crimes    in    Jamaica    are    young,    unattached    males—unskilled,    unemployed, undereducated  men,  15-29  years  old,  from  poor  urban  neighbourhoods.

CAPRI in partnership with the European Union, with Ms. Joanna Callen as the Lead Researcher, is conducting a research that seeks  to  do  an  inventory  of  the  many  projects  and  programmes  targeting unattached youth in Jamaica over the past 20 years, to track their trajectories with a view to establishing the  categories  and  types  of  interventions  they  conducted,  to better understand why they have not had success and/or not been sustained, and to proffer recommendations for more effective and sustainable programmes aimed at rehabilitating unattached youth in Jamaica.

The  insight  as  to  why  decades of interventions for unattached youths has failed can provide opportunities for creating more efficient and effective programmes that will have a positive impact in engaging the  unattached  youths. The  research  will  bring  forward  data and evidence with which CSOs and other organizations engaged in this work can better understand the shortfalls of past and current  programmes, and offer  recommendations to future intervention approaches.