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February, 2023
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Women are still generally poorer than men in Jamaica. Among the several reasons put forth for women’s continued inequality to men in Jamaica, one that continues to keep women from advancing to the level of their male counterparts is the gender wage gap. Women are more likely to be in vulnerable forms of employment, and less likely to be in leadership positions, both of which can contribute to women’s continued disadvantage, particularly regarding the gender wage gap.
With support from the European Union, the Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CAPRI) completed a report that examines the gender wage gap in Jamaica with reference to its intersection with the care economy.

May, 2023
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At the start of the new fiscal year, the Minister of Finance presented the Government’s expenditure and revenue estimates for parliamentary approval.

Due to the complexities of the budgetary document, critical engagement by the public is limited.

Without the critical engagement of a well-informed public, the budget will not reflect the needs of the people who are obligated to fund it. This report breaks down the complexities of the budget and identified three noteworthy shifts. 


March, 2023
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The rapid and significant fall in the unemployment rate over the last ten years, to historic lows, without corresponding economic growth, has spurred questions about whether the newly created jobs are good quality jobs which can contribute meaningfully to the economy. There is a need to better understand this phenomenon of “growthless jobs” to inform any effort to rectify this concerning divergence. This report posits evidence-informed recommendations for relevant policymakers regarding what is impeding Jamaica’s economic growth, and how those impediments might be mitigated.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2023 - 06:00
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UWI Regional Headquarters
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University of the West Indies Regional Headquarters - Nigel Harris Council Room
2 Hermitage Road,
Kingston 7
St. Andrew

Alexander Causwell


Alexander Causwell is an analyst in strategic affairs. He has consulted for governments and international entities on matters of political risk, defense, and internal security. He presently serves as a senior advisor in the Ministry of National Security.