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May, 2021
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Despite the financial investment in social interventions for at- risk youth over the last several decades in Jamaica, the extent to which those interventions are effective is questionable as there has not been a noticeable nor sustained impact on the high rates of youth involved violence. Anti-violence interventions over the world, such as those that target at-risk youth to change their behaviour and divert them from violent crime, are designed and implemented because they seem to make obvious sense that they will work, but there is no basis for assessing the interventions’ effectiveness or outcomes. This weakness in monitoring and evaluating anti-violence social interventions, and the problem of not knowing their outcomes and whether or not they “work” has been recognized in Jamaica for at least two decades.

May, 2021

Under the European Union Thematic Programme "Civil Society Organizations and Local Authorities 2014 – 2020, we have received funding to enable civil society organisations (CSOs) to engage as actors of governance and development at the country level.

CAPRI is thereby inviting your organization to submit a proposal aimed at supporting CAPRI in meeting the objective of the action. The proposal will be evaluated and if shortlisted, your organization will be invited to give a live pitch of the proposal   for   a  maximum   of   10  minutes,   on   Instagram.   Each   pitch  will  be evaluated, and one organization selected to receive EUR 17,000 in funding. If your organization currently receives funding from the EU under this theme (CSOs as Actors of Governance and Development), it is not eligible to receive funding.

Your   organization   shall   be   an   active   CSO   such   as   a   community   based organization   or   other   non-profit,   non-state   legal   entity   operating   at   the community level, established in Jamaica, and operating on an independent and accountable basis.