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April 2019

CAPRI Recommends Citizen Feedback Monitoring Program For Public Agencies

With corruption being a serious problem around the world, several countries have been pursuing more creative ways to address the problem by using non-traditional approaches and including more technology in the process.

CAPRI Meets With PSTMU To Discuss CFMP For Jamaica

The Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation Unit (PSTMU) is an arm within the Office of the Cabinet that is geared towards creating a more capable and effective public sector by removing bureaucratic processes that add no value; centring operations on citizens’ needs; and being more economical in its operations.

CAPRI Launches Anti-Corruption Innovations Study

CAPRI launched its anti-corruption innovations study at a public forum on Monday, May 29, 2017 at the Spanish Court Hotel’s Worthington property. The think tank brought together Colonel Desmond Edwards, Director General – MOCA, Professor Trevor Munroe, Executive Director – NIA, Ms. Jeanette Calder, Civil Society Advocate – JAMP, and Ms. Desiree Phillips, Research Officer – CAPRI for a panel discussion on the study’s findings and this was moderated by Mrs. Emily Shields.

CAPRI Explores Anti-Corruption Innovations

A high perception of corruption in Jamaica exists, both locally and internationally as the country consistently performs poorly on global corruption indices, with other governance indicators citing corruption as a major problem for the country.

Anti Corruption Innovations

This report reviewed innovations used to strengthen integrity in countries around the world, with a view to recommending one such innovation to strengthen Jamaica’s own integrity. Having assessed the corruption situation in Jamaica and examined what the existing anti-corruption framework allows, it was found that any innovation implemented in the country must address certain contextual criteria. As corruption was seen to be pervasive across all levels of society, any innovation would have to engage all members of society to effect real change. Additionally, during consultation with several anti-corruption institutions on the island, it was found that a major downfall of the innovations they currently use is a lack of data collection which is necessary to assess their effectiveness. Consequently, initiatives used in Jamaica should allow for clear target-setting and quantification of results. Furthermore, given the resource constraints, and in general, the economic challenges facing the country, innovations should be cost-effective and sustainable. Notably, Jamaicans have a strong inclination to technology and innovation and thus, the initiative should also be technologically inspired as this may spur on the uptake by the public.

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Diana Thorburn, PhD

As an academic, Diana’s research was focused on Caribbean and small state foreign policy and international political economy. She has recently completed a biography of Mayer Matalon, Jamaican industrialist and political insider (forthcoming, Hamilton Press, 2019).

Monique Graham


She is passionate about utilizing and harnessing her skills and knowledge in the field of Economics and Statistics. She earned an M.Sc. in Economics with a specialization in Economic Development, Game Theory and Industrial Organization, and a B.Sc.

Damien King, PhD

Executive Director

In his capacity as Executive Director, Damien convenes the Caribbean 2030 Leaders Network – a group consisting of young, energetic business, political, and civic leaders who meet annually to discuss and engineer the future of Caribbean development.

Shamoy Cain

Shamoy is a highly quantitative decision maker with experience in client relations and project management.  Her earlier experiences were at The University of the West Indies, Mona as a Billings Officer in the Bursary Department, and as a Customer Service Agent in the Billings and Receivables Department. She holds a M.Sc.

Nicol Walker

Nicol earned a B.Sc. in Zoology and Botany and an M.Sc. in Zoology from the University of the West Indies, Mona. She achieved the Project Management Professional certification in 2005 from the Global Project Management Institute.

Natasha Burnett

Natasha Burnett

Natasha has designed, assisted with, and implemented communication and marketing plans for entities within the private and public sectors. She currently serves as the Publications Director on the Governor General's National Coordinating Committee for His Excellency's I Believe Initiative and is a member of the Rotaract Club of Kingston.

Joanna Callen


Joanna’s current research focus is on the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) funded project, Collaborating to Transform Citizen Security A Yaad. She earned an M.A.