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February 2019

Onika Miller

Onika Miller was appointed Executive for Government Relations and Public Policy, Jamaica National Building Society in October 2015.  In this role, she focused on strategic engagements with government agencies and other public sector entities, developed strategies to identify and create new business opportunities for JN, as well as maintained lin

Dr David McBean

Dr David McBean is the Executive Director of the Mona School of Business and Management, (MSBM). He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering from The University of the West Indies, and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford, on a Rhodes Scholarship.

March, 2018

The Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation Unit (PSTMU) is an arm within the Office of the Cabinet that is geared towards creating a more capable and effective public sector by removing bureaucratic processes that add no value; centring operations on citizens’ needs; and being more economical in its operations.

June, 2017

With corruption being a serious problem around the world, several countries have been pursuing more creative ways to address the problem by using non-traditional approaches and including more technology in the process.

May, 2017

CAPRI launched its anti-corruption innovations study at a public forum on Monday, May 29, 2017 at the Spanish Court Hotel’s Worthington property. The think tank brought together Colonel Desmond Edwards, Director General – MOCA, Professor Trevor Munroe, Executive Director – NIA, Ms. Jeanette Calder, Civil Society Advocate – JAMP, and Ms.

November, 2016

A high perception of corruption in Jamaica exists, both locally and internationally as the country consistently performs poorly on global corruption indices, with other governance indicators citing corruption as a major problem for the country.