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May, 2018
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In Jamaica, recuperation of PET bottles from the waste stream for processing and export to be recycled is currently estimated to be five to ten percent. A recent study by the Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CAPRI), which assessed various measures for PET waste management, recommended that a deposit-refund system (DRS) be considered to increase recuperation, and improve management, of PET waste in Jamaica. DRS have two key benefits. They increase the rate of recuperation, and thus recycling, of containers covered by the deposit scheme, as the deposit provides an incentive to the consumer to return the material to obtain their refund. Second, they reduce litter of the targeted material, since in the case that the consumer does decide to litter, someone else more desirous of getting the refund may pick it up. Both benefits hinge on the level of deposit/refund applied.

December, 2017
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Globally, plastic production has been growing rapidly. Between 1964 and 2014 the production of plastics increased twenty-fold, from 15 million tons (MT) to 311 MT; this figure is expected to double within the next twenty years. Plastics currently offer unrivalled properties including versatility, durability and low cost, making it the preferred material of the modern economy. However, current usage levels and disposal methods have significant environmental and economic costs.This report identifies and evaluates policies and best practices used in other countries to manage plastic bag waste and makes recommendations taking into account the specifics of the Jamaican context.

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